Is the sneaker Market Oversaturated?


It’s no trick that the sneaker market is a busy location best now. There’s much more hype than ever surrounding the market as well as fresh consumers are drawn into the ball with every new release. While partnerships were when a unusual occurrence that needed major time as well as effort from both parties, it now seems that every other sneaker to hit the shelves is a collaborative project. Of course, there’s two methods of taking a look at the situation; sneakers are much more available than ever, which can’t be a poor thing, however the purists amongst us insurance claim this saturation is slowly killing the sneaker culture.

Before the social network storm took manage of the world, collecting sneakers was a fairly uncommon as well as low-key obsession. In this day as well as age, while many aren’t “sneakerheads” by definition, having an rate of interest in footwear is extremely typical amongst Millennials as well as Gen-Z. We’re right here today to evaluate just exactly how huge the sneaker bubble can ended up being before it bursts, as we take a look back at some stats from the previous month.

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How numerous pairs really release in a Month?

Here at The Sole provider we’re fortunate sufficient to be able to keep track of every single sneaker release that happens, after all, it is the entire idea of our site! One concern that sprung to mind whilst composing this piece of op-ed was just exactly how numerous sneakers really release in one month? We conducted an audit of the previous month (September 2021) at the time of composing as well as concerned the realisation that a whopping 58 pairs of limited-edition sneakers were released throughout the month. That figure doesn’t even include general release pairs as well as it’s likewise worth noting that 30 out of those 58 releases were collaborations.

If you were to try as well as keep up with all of these releases it would be an absolutely mammoth task, with around two restricted releases introducing every single day of the month. In years gone by it wasn’t uncommon for sneaker collectors to try as well as get their hands on every single release, efficiently producing an archive collection. Previously, this was a completely achievable task because of exactly how scaled-back the amount of releases was compared to now.

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How much would everything Cost?

Aside from the logistical difficulties of trying to police officer 58 pairs in one month (who even wins raffles, right?), it’s shocking to believe exactly how much it would really expense if anybody was to attempt to keep up with the market. sneaker retail costs have been steadily rising throughout the years as demand increases, with the AJ1 now retailing at £145, Nike Dunks at £90 as well as Yeezy increase 700’s sitting at £210. put it this way, sneakers definitely aren’t inexpensive as well as being a sneakerhead is an costly hobby, we’ve all struggled to validate it to ourselves at times.

If one was to somehow handle to get their hands on all 58 pairs from last month, the retail costs (excluding shipment charges) would amass to the shocking amount of £7,450. now we can only presume that this is well above the typical monthly income for many people. Sneakerheads in this day as well as age are having to ended up being much more as well as much more “selective” with their purchases, as there are just as well numerous releases to select from as well as money (unfortunately) isn’t endless.

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How Does This effect the Scene?

Now this influx of fitness instructor releases every single month has definitely made a remarkable effect on the scene. Limited-edition introduces that were when highly-coveted amongst lovers as well as few as well as far between are now commonplace, which in turn takes away a few of the charm for those that have been complying with the scene a while. much like a band “selling-out” when they ended up being famous, numerous OG sneakerheads are now turning their backs to the footwear market as it transcends even more into mainstream culture.

However, there are great things to take from this change. sneakers are now much more available than ever which is introducing a whole new fanbase to the delight of that box-fresh feeling. Copping high-heat footwear releases previously took months of research, understanding the best people as well as some major work. The sheer volume of releases in the present day implies that even if you didn’t handle to get your hands on that sneaker that’s reselling for £1000+ (Travis who?), it’s likely that you’ll pick up something else to numb the pain of the L fairly soon after.

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What’s the next Step?

We’ve frequently wondered if the growth of the sneaker market will continue with the exact same trajectory for much longer, yet the reality is it’s difficult to tell. Undoubtedly, the scene is bigger than it ever has been before, with new consumers joining every single day. In 2021 sneakers are probably a big part of prominent culture, with every major fashion publication or star media outlet touching on the market at one point or another. Whatever happens, at The Sole provider we’re absolutely right here for it.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional of sneakers or completely new to the game, we make sure to show a warm welcome to anybody who shares our enthusiasm for sneakers. You can discover out whatever you requirement to understand about the most recent releases as well as where to police officer them best here, so make sure to keep it locked into our site for all your daily footwear needs!

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